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See full list of publications, scholarly work, funded research, and presentations by downloading the CV 


Kamal, A. and Soflaei, F., and Tweed, M. (2023). Inter/and Cross-disciplinary Structures to Integrate SDGs in Higher Education: Lessons from four US Campuses. International Journal of Architectural Research (forthcoming).

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Kamal, A., Martin, L., and Wu, J. (2020), Location Analytics and Geospatial Metrics for Policy Initiatives and Equitable Planning in Houston & San Antonio. Refereed abstract; Colloquy moderator/ and presenter at the Urban Affairs Association Conference, Washington, D.C, April 2-4 (accepted).


Kamal, A., Bailey, J., Powell, L, and Colvin, C. (2019), How to Stabilize Housing: An Anti-Displacement Pilot Policy. Refereed abstract and presentation at the American Planning Association Texas Chapter Conference, Waco, TX, November 6-8.


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Kamal, A. (2003), Social and architectural features of crafts districts in Medieval Cairo. Presented at the 18th Middle East history and theory conference. Univ. of Chicago, IL: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, May 9-10.



Kamal, A., (2021), SAHA residents have a sufficient supply of affordable housing options, Invited panelist at the 2025 Housing Symposium, San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA), January 27, San Antonio, TX.


Kamal, A., (2020), Partnerships. Guest speaker at St. Mary's University Seminar on Public Administration and Policy, October 13, San Antonio, TX.


Kamal, A., (2019), Coordinated Housing System and Displacement Prevention and Mitigation. Invited speaker at the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) Meeting, June 27, San Antonio, TX.

Kamal, A. and Ankamah, B. (2019), Housing Programs and Risk Mitigation Policy. Invited speaker at the Alamo Area Council of Government (AACOG) Monthly Meeting, June 25, San Antonio, TX.


Tangum, R. and Kamal, A. (2014), Sustainable Healthy Communities: Policy and Implementation for Small Communities in the Eagle Ford Shale and South Texas. Invited speaker at the Eagle Ford Shale Community Development Program Best Practices Conference, May 14, San Antonio, TX.

Bella, P.; Vina, C.; Osten, J., and Kamal, A.  (2014), Measuring Success in Urbanism and Planning Education. Invited Panelist in the Planning for Health Panel Discussion, Public Health and the Built Environment Conference, May 7, San Antonio, TX.

Kamal, A. (2014), Housing Solutions: A Sustainable Urbanism Approach for Small Communities in the Eagle Ford Shale and South Texas. Invited speaker, 2nd Oilfield Housing Solutions Conference, May 1st, Houston, TX.

Potter, L., Tangum, R., Kamal, A., Teasley, M., and Ortiz, G., (2014), Panelist in the Social Science Perspectives on the Eagle Ford Shale, Southwestern Social Science Association Annual Meeting, April 17-19, San Antonio, TX.


Kamal, A. (2013), Housing Solutions for Economic Boom Regions: Western Eagle Ford Shale. Invited Panelist in Providing Affordable Housing in Economic Boom Areas Panel, Texas Community Economic Development Policy Summit, September 24th, Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX.

Kamal, A. (2013), Workforce Housing Assessment: A Strategic Analysis for the Western Eagle Ford Shale Region. Invited speaker at the Oilfield Housing Solutions Conference, May 9-10, San Antonio, TX.


Kamal, A. (2012), Measures of the Eagle Ford Shale housing and population forecasts. Panelist in the Eagle Ford Shale, San Antonio Region’s Meeting of Advancing Women in Transportation Society, Nov. 14th, San Antonio, TX.

Kamal, A. (2012), Strategic Housing Analysis: Sustainable Choices for the Growing Demand for Housing in the Eagle Ford Shale Area of South Texas. Invited Speaker at the Governor’s Small Business Forum Series, September 20th, Carrizo Springs, TX.

Kamal, A. (2012), Sustainable Choices for the Growing Demand of the Eagle Ford Shale Housing: Indicators from the Western-Shale Counties. Invited Speaker at Eagle Ford Shale Consortium Conference, February 29-March 2, San Antonio, TX.


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