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Course: Urban Resilience and Sustainability Studio (6 credits)

University: University of Texas at San Antonio

Level: Undergraduate (senior)

Year: 2015

Pedagogy: This course was part of research/teaching endeavor funded by San Antonio River Authority (SARA), Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA), and Greater Edwards Aquifer Authority (GEAA). Using a semester-long project with multiple phases, the course was centered on urban sustainability & ecological design through exploring Green Infrastructure typologies in order to raise the awareness of campus sustainability and water management.

Semester Project: 

There is one semester project, encompassing three phases that equipped the students with different skills on sustainable urbanism and design. First, an innovative urban design assessment of the UTSA main campus to identify a proper site, followed by a mid-scale projects for designing innovative LID project (team project). Second, interactive eco-friendly edifices (individual projects) in the Central Campus that supports the relationship between buildings & open spaces; and nurtures both social and environmental sustainability. Third, each team will provide a model and assessment of the holistic design of their LID series and edifices, and their contribution to water quality, health and wellbeing, and campus STAR performance.

Student's WorkIlse Castro, Jesus Garcia, Eric Liedtke, Brandon Ramon, and Oscar Yanez

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