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Course: Economics of Sustainability (3 credits), Spring 2022
University: University of Florida
Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

Project Summary: The 12-weeks project represents an opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills developed and knowledge acquired in throughout this semester. It is a manifestation of how students have a firm grasp of the foundations and scopes of justifying and designing a framework for business viability of sustainable practices and services/products of different scales of organizations/businesses. The project comprises an analysis, process development, and policies to ensure feasibility of the government department’s transformation to a hybrid model that is based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment.

In this project, students will work in teams of 3-4 students. Each team will focus on one department in Alachua County to study and improve its performance, management, structure, and products/services. Students are expected to provide a complete strategy for transforming it into a hybrid model. Selection criteria for the department include:

  1. Department’s involvement in sustainability practices across Alachua County geographic territory. 

  2. Availability of data (or potential access to data) about the department structure, tasks, practices, and administrative structure (and employees).

Course Description: 
The goal of the course is to increase students’ capacity to work through sustainability problems and crises and ground solutions in economic thinking that supports improved capacity of an organization or geography. Students will be asked to demonstrate ways to think practically and strategically about that clearly demonstrates how to use a sustainability framework in tandem with an economic way of thinking in resolving sustainability problems.

The course offers opportunities for interaction with sustainability officers from agencies and government entities, and engagement in analytical workshops for measuring organizations and development sustainability performance. Topics include an overview of natural resource (green) accounting, the valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, sustainable development projects, sustainable business practices, the interacting roles of business, government and NGOs, and the role of international institutions.

Students Team: Scott Gunn, Jacob Duff, and Clark Israeli

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