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Course:  Master of Architecture Thesis Prep (1 credit)

University: University of Texas at San Antonio

Level: Graduate 

Year: 2013

Pedagogy: The Professional Masters of Architecture degree contains in its final Project a capstone course for accreditation. The two-semester sequence is based on the interests and approach undertaken by each individual student in consultation with their professor. This course covers the first part of this sequence and establishes the groundwork for a Master’s Design Project undertaken in the following spring semester. The course is devoted to an independent inquiry stands alone as report comprising programming for the proposed project, analysis of similar precedents, and inquiries and assessment of potential sites.

Thesis Report & Poster: 

This poster is a one-board comprised of a Mind-mapping, Infographic, and research highlights illustrating the topic of inquiry. It is a visual tool to communicate thoughts, theories, and facts driven by scholarly research and evidence supporting your topic. The report is a detailed narrative and graphic-based version of the poster.

Students Posters: 

Barrett Nungesser (School of medicine)

Student (Sports +revitalization)

Romo(Assisted living)

Mauricio Tafoya (Social change through architecture)

James Beyer (Live/ work)

Marco Gonzalez (Ecotourism)

Levi Sanciuc (Edifices in post-socialist urban environment)

Jose Guerrero (A city in transition)

Alejandro Garza (Neoliberal Capitalism)

Joel Bost (Autism first)

Jonathan Sharp (Traumatic brain injury)

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