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CAPSTONE RESEARCH (Undergraduate Thesis)

Resiliency and Historic Preservation

Students: Drew Johnson
Dr. Azza Kamal
Research: Resiliency and Historic Preservation

Semester/Year: Spring 2022

Dissemination: 2022 Annual Conference of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Toronto, Canada, November 3-6

Based on the current conditions of the United States and sustainability, the threats towards coastal cities and their historic and cultural resources can be related to the human’s detrimental effects on the environment after the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, known as the Anthropocene (Brooks et al., 2017). Resiliency plays a key role within sustainability in the idea that it requires the understanding of the social, economic, and environmental systems that interact with each other to find a balance between them (Cauffman, 2015). This can help find solutions to better prepare for climate change challenges. Historic preservation plans for the future, but with the current guidelines and lack of integration of resiliency within sustainability, there will forever be a gap between what we know about the world and the actions that are taken (Kretz, 2012).

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