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Course: Architecture Design Studio (6 credits)

University: University of Texas at San Antonio

Level: Undergraduate

Year: 2013

Pedagogy:  This studio addressed issues of human-environment interactions, sustainable and recycled materials, urban design, infill development in old neighborhoods, and contextual considerations in program and design. These issues were examined and applied to two semester projects. Projects vary in scope as they cover the urban and architectural needs of neighborhood revitalization through art and active and healthy living in San Antonio West-side.

matthew vasquez8a.jpg

Student: Matthew Vasquez

Project Summary: 

This six-weeks project was in partnership with Avenida Guadalupe [AG], a non-profit organization dedicated to local art revitalization. The project was centered on art and active and healthy living for San Antonio westside residents by creating spaces and art exhibit opportunities. Use of creative materials and the building as a sculptural piece was also addressed.

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matthew vasquez8.jpg
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