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Undergraduate Research/Scholarship

Activity: Poster Presentation
Year: 2015
Student: Neriah Holly
Course: Independent Study
Funding: Research Scholarship, Office of Undergraduate Research, UTSA
Level: Undergraduate

The results of mapping the location, zoning, and other criteria of vacant parcels led to a 3D map containing potential mixed use infill. The potential massing (marked as red) stands on the current vacant properties.  Each massing was extruded within the zoning allowable height which averaged from 3 stories (for properties off of low traffic streets and 5 stories (for properties off of high traffic streets). The majority of large potential mixed use sites are present near the outskirts of the downtown city density. The majority of smaller sites lay within the density fabric.

It can be concluded that most infill can occur at a great dispersed rate within Downtown San Antonio. These locations are close to many commercial work hubs and attractions. They provide strategic locations to for living and working buildings. If they can be utilized to their fullest potential, San Antonio can become a vital smart and sustainable community.

After analysis the vacant sites located in the downtown neighborhood, we found a total of 25 eligible parcels for infill residential development. These parcels are located within a walkable distance from the major Tourists Attractions, Schools, and Public parks. The total area available for infill development as well as the types of zoning of available sites

UG Scholarship_2NDaa.jpg
UG Scholarship_2NDab.jpg
UG Scholarship_2NDb.jpg
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