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Course: Urban Design Studio (6 credits)

University: University of Texas at San Antonio

Level: Undergraduate (junior)

Year: 2014

Pedagogy: This studio focuses on employing learning through problem-solving approach; it is focused on exploring different milieus of human-environment interactions, sustainable urbanism, materials, building techniques, and contextual considerations in programming and design. The course module includes lectures and reading in infill development, dealing with narrow sites, IBC, context analyses, GIS tutorial for site analysis and lot selection, and three semester projects. Projects vary in scope as they cover the urban and architectural needs of the local communities and, respond to the ongoing progress of urban growth and quality of life in San Antonio old neighborhoods. In addition to understanding of building tectonics, and International Building Code (IBC).



A six-weeks project for designing a prototype of live/work townhome for young families who will be working from home and need access to amenities and transportation to enjoy an affordable living and invest in their entrepreneurial work. It was recommended that the entire structure be made of SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) to enhance its performance.

Students: Danial Delgado, Neriah Holly, Nathaniel Solis

Daniel FINAL BOARD-5a_edited.jpg

Site and Context Analysis:
Geospatial data-driven process for site selection Selection

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