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Course: Leadership in Sustainability (3 credits), Spring 2022
University: University of Florida
Level: Undergraduate (Senior)

e-Portfolio Project: 
The major end-of-semester submission for this course is a professional web-based portfolio developed by each student to communicate with potential employers their skill sets, credentials, experience, and leadership skills. Each student will use a free web-based host introduced by the course instructor and will be expected to upload selected and well-represented work from all their previous course works, internships, independent research and other relevant work. Students will also produce a video to pitch their skills to an identified employer they will choose. The portfolio progress was reviewed in the midterm and a draft was discussed and reviewed before the final presentation to help students garner early feedback for the final submission.

Course Objectives

This course covers major theories and models of leadership and the essentials of front-line leadership in sustainability including integrating sustainability into an organization, executing organizational strategies, and committing to it for a lifetime. The course features a combination of different interactive presentations each week covering a different leadership model and a lecture given by a leader in the field of sustainability from the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

The course exposes students to the ways in which leading sustainability practitioners’ deal with real world constraints to improve environmental and economic performance in their organizations and share lessons learned. Each guest lecturer presents a new topic related to sustainability management and discusses his/her professional background and organization, sustainability program objectives, and concrete strategies for meeting these objectives. The course provides time for questions and discussion among the instructor, the lecturer, and the students, giving students valuable insights into how sustainability is managed in the real world.

e-Portfolio by: Jenna Cavano, undergraduate students, Sustainability and the Built Environment Program

Platform: Sites Google

e-Portfolio by: K C Cain, undergraduate students, Sustainability and the Built Environment Program

Platform: Adobe Portfolio

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