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Course:  Architecture Research Studio (6 credit)

University: University of Texas at San Antonio

Level: Undergraduate (Senior)

Year: 2010

Pedagogy: This studio module focused on the economical and sustainable design strategies in the development of prototype infill and supplemental housing structure for inner-city low-income neighborhoods. In was partially methodologically structured with five GIS tutorials and readings in research methods and content analysis. Student teams examined and quantified neighborhood pattern and housing morphology, and analyzed demographic and housing facts (i.e. tenure status, occupation). The semester was comprised a team research with a final research poster presentation and neighborhood model, followed by individual projects.

Semester Project:

The nine weeks project includes design development, detailing and documentation of prototype units, foundation and Structural design and detailing, Building envelop design and detailing, green materials with documented performance, and an AutoCad Design Development set.

Students Work Featured: Tim Blazi, Bradley McCarroll, Gabriel Olmos, Pablo Balderas, and Alexander Rodriguez

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