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Course: Arch & Theory (3 credits)

University: University of Texas at San Antonio

Level: Undergraduate (Junior)

Year: 2016

Pedagogy: This lab/ lecture course addressed issues urban density, livable and sustainable communities. The course module contains weekly lectures, seven geotechnology labs (GIS), five design workshops/ charrettes, and individual assignments and a six-weeks team project. Site analysis for designated corridor, and concept development for the proposed housing units were gradually developed by each team in five workshops/ design charrette, each covered a specific theme (i.e. morphology & mobility, infrastructure & ecology).

Project Summary: 

The Sustainable Urban Corridor project focused on a systematic analysis and intervention in three San Antonio urban corridors through adding prototype housing units for singles, young professionals, and families with different income levels, from affordable units to market rate houses. With knowledge acquired in the GIS labs, location-based determinants for each corridor were analyzed during the design charters. including several amenities at convenient prices, walk/bike destinations, and access to public transportation were required. Additional open space design requirements were also imposed. The three corridors are: Broadway, Fredericksburg, and UTSA Boulevard.

Team 1: Fredericksburg Raod, San Antonio, TC

Team 2: UTSA Boulevard, San Antonio, TX

Team 3: Broadway Corridor, San Antonio, TX

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